Wilson’s Bird Of Paradise Looks Like God’s Most Exquisite Creation, But It’s Also Super Weird!


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OK, I confess I adore my job! I mean, if you’re getting paid for browsing sorts of unique beauty worth appreciating during the terrible times that we are currently in ~ when looking out of the window and seeing a bunch of ugly protestors feel hell ~ yes, I have the best job ever. And boy, this bird called Wilson’s Bird of Paradise falls in the category where you realize there is more in this marvelous nature rather than the coronavirus outbreak.

But it’s also super weird. I mean, that blue thing like “hat” on its head? That’s bare skin!

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Apparently, these beautiful ones don’t have feathers on their head, plus the iridescent blue sheen is so radiant that it can be seen prominently at twilight, and gee, its feet are also bright blue.

The solid black outlines and primary colors give these birds a modern look, and the two curly tail feathers are just icing on the very exotic cake.

Wilson’s Bird of Paradise got their name from ornithologist Edward Wilson, who basically spotted one of the very first specimens. And boy, no doubt they look like the creatures from heaven.

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But on earth, they are only found on two islands of West Papua, Waigeo and Batanta, and the very first footage ever taken of them was by David Attenborough in 1996.

And it may be extremely wild!

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While the male ones appear to have all-black bellies, the feathers really shine an incandescent green. Also, at the time of their mating ritual, the males spread out their upper chest feathers like a big ruff to display the green to the ladies.

You may ask your brain that ~ does this strange yet spectacular view is of a real bird? Yeah, it’s unusual and definitely looks like something descended from a dinosaur, but a marvelous one, I would say!

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