Meet Your New Hero Teen Who Selflessly Dived Into Iced Water To Save A Drowning Toddler!


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Recently, a teenage boy has been lauded as a teen hero after he selflessly dived into iced cold waters to save a drowning toddler. Undoubtedly, it’s one real heartwarming story in today’s current climate situation, and the toddler’s mom, now, has a devoted message of the fearless teen.

Meet Ryley Ferguson, the heroic teen who is being lauded for his daring act of diving into iced cold waters to save a drowning toddler.

Facebook | Ryley Ferguson

Ryley, 15, from West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, has recently gained headline fame after he did something exceptionally heroic.

Apparently, Ryley was out walking his two dogs this week when he spotted something startling ~ he saw a toddler fall into the waterway and become submerged by the water.

By the way, the toddler in question was Reggie Hampton.

Facebook | Becca Hampton

His mama, Rebecca Hampton, had been very busy gardening, so busy that she had taken her eyes off her son, giving the little “explorer” the perfect opportunity to wander off towards the canal.

But, gladly, Ryley was there to witness Reggie’s latest venture, and he didn’t hesitate with springing to action.

Facebook | Susan Dann

The teen immediately ditched his jacket, kicked off his shoes, and dived into the canal as the toddler disappeared under the water.

And a resident, Susan Dann, shared the above pic of the teen hero shortly after the incident, fully clothed and dripping wet, but pleased with the outcome.

He definitely saved little Reggie’s life.

No doubt, Reggie’s mom, Rebecca, was left in gratitude and tears. She couldn’t be more grateful for the teen’s heroic actions.

Facebook | Becca Hampton

In an interview, a heartfelt Rebecca said, “I can’t tell you the relief I felt when I saw my beautiful boy. I can’t thank Ryley enough, I gave him a card with some money, but no money in the world will ever cover what he’s done for me,” continuing, “I keep saying Ryley is our guardian angel, he saved my boy and saved my life. Reggie will grow up knowing who Ryley is and what he’s done. He’s our superhero.”

Plus, since the unexpected tragedy, Ryley and Reggie have come close to each other!

Facebook | Becca Hampton

And why not? I mean, if he hadn’t taken the immediate actions or worst, hadn’t walked that way ~ the picture could have been very different today. But thank god he was there, and Reggie will always know what a true hero is!

Ryley, you’re unmistakably a life-saver, and that’s the sole quality anyone needs to be a true hero!!!

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