Justin Bieber And Tom Holland Cozy-Talk With Each Other On Insta Live Is Sending Netizens Into A Complete Meltdown!

While most celebrities are taking this quarantine-break to embrace their love-life or to spend quality time with their parents and kids, Bieber did an unexpected and unannounced live Insta session, making netizens go crazy for him. And during the live Instagram show – Justin Bieber and Tom Holland became instant friends – and fans are still buzzing!

The world-renowned singer started his Instagram live extravaganza by randomly urging fans to chit-chat ~ and a few lucky girls got to have a one-on-one talk with Justin, where the singer checked up on how they were coping with this terrible break. 

And after he made sure his fans were well, Justin added Tom Holland in the live-stream, where they admitted that they are huge fans of each other – I mean, literally, fans of both celebrities were fascinated once the duo engaged in a candid conversation.

In over three minutes long session, Justin Bieber and Tom Holland discussed how they were using their free time where we learned about Tom’s current binge-watch ~ a survival reality show titled Alone ~ and the new film he’s working on, Enchantedbefore Bieber decided to take Holland on a mini-tour of his house, showing him his fireplace and the lake in the backyard. 

Watch the video here for their full chat:

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