Little Girl With Rare Cancer Cries Tears Of Joy As She Reunites With Her Father After 7 Weeks Apart!

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After being separated for over seven weeks due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a 4-year-old girl with cancer cried with joy after being reunited with her father, and the footage is undoubtedly soul-stirring.

As cancer patients have weaker immune systems, they are more prone to contracting potential COVID-19. Hence, they are isolated from their family members ~ and this 4-year-old girl with cancer, Mila Sneddon, has been one of them.

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Mila from Scotland has been advisedly stayed away from her papa, Scott, as she underwent chemotherapy for her rare form of leukemia.

So, Scott has had to stay away and continue working to support the family.

Scott also temporarily moved out of his family’s place and only communicated with Mila through a window or door.

No doubt, it’s been a much challenging time for the family to undergo these severe days, but Scott’s daily visits to them would lift their moods.

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And this week, he had some positive news ~ Scott learned that he was being furloughed from his job.

Meaning that after staying isolated for fourteen days, he would be able to return to the family home.

However, he chose to keep this as a big secret from little Mila to give her the best wonderment.

Scott quickly retreated into isolation and waited until experts stated he was cleared to return home.

And, on Wednesday, instead of interacting with Mila standing at the window, he walked into the kitchen, as Mila waited in excitement.

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“Hi, can I get a real hug?” Scott asked her daughter as he walked over to hug his daughter, whose innocent face immediately lit up.

Mila giggled as Scott picked her up, and, heartbreakingly, she burst into tears.

No doubt, it was an absolutely beautiful moment. Plus, it’s astonishing to see that the family is finally reunited.

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