Becky Hoeffler Does Grocery Runs For Older Neighbors To Reduce Their Exposure To The COVID-19!

So, you probably know that the world is facing the deadliest coronavirus outbreak – and it’s so terrifying that, recently, WHO’s declared the current crisis a PANDEMIC!!! And if you’ve given proper attention to the virus’s victims – you’ll notice that the elderly population is at high risk of catching the SPIDERY coronavirus. Thus, to protect older folks from proffering exposure to the unforgivable COVID-19, and with the aim of doing-something-golden for the society, a North Carolina woman named Becky Hoeffler started to make grocery runs for her senior neighbors.

Lately, the woman was talking to her grandpa on the phone, and when he mentioned that he was going out grocery shopping, and Becky couldn’t help him because he lives in New Jersey – the idea to make grocery runs for her senior neighbors (instead of helping her grandpa) hit her mind!

The noble Hoeffler gave an interview to WNCN News, where she told how excited she was for getting a sweet loaf of banana bread for her neighbor Patti.

Becky’s sweet neighbor Patti asked her to bring paper towels, fresh fruit, and flour. And, some of the flour likely went into this homemade bread given to Becky to express some gratitude!


Hoeffler also visited the housing community for senior citizens at the end of her cul-de-sac, where she introduced herself – and her offer of goodness!


Becky has posted on a local Facebook group to try to get the word out and to see if anyone needs help.

Becky says utilizing people’s power is one of the most all-embracing ways of confronting the terrifying outbreak – and helping out the neighbors is one of the AMERICAN things YOU CAN DO!!!


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