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Two YouTubers Tricked Carole Baskin Into Thinking She Was Being Interviewed By Jimmy Fallon, And I Am Like, WHAT!

Remember, Carole Baskin, the one who wasn’t on the “Tiger King” hype train, and instead called the documentary “disappointing” and didn’t give any live interviews after the show became an unexpected success, even though her story is a significant aspect of the series ~ yeah, the woman got pranked.

Via Netflix

Meet, YouTubers Josh Pieters and Archie Manners, the duo is famous for tricking plenty of people.

A couple of weeks ago, the mates reported Carole Baskin that she would go live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and dear god, somehow, it worked!

Via YouTube

Apparently, the two represented to be from the production team that texts celebrities for late-night talk show appearances. Carole initially refused but then accepted on the terms that the interview would only be about cats.

Next thing, the pair found some clips of original Jimmy Fallon interviewing guests and chatting about cats, and had everything well prepared on an iPad.

Moving ahead, Archie even had an explanation ready as to why Jimmy certainly wouldn’t be appearing onscreen himself.

Via YouTube

Plus, to further convey the originality, they pretended that they were remotely talking to multiple staff members.

Archie asked Carole about how she was holding up during the ongoing pandemic, to which she answered that she’s currently with her husband and is working every day at Big Cat Rescue.

Carole also mentioned that her headpiece was a type of lei.

Via YouTube

She finished the interview by urging people to support the Big Cat Public Safety Act and not pay to see tiger cubs.

There you have it, people ~ Carole’s first-ever post-Tiger King interview, courtesy of not Jimmy Fallon (He He)!

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