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Youtuber Madilyn Bailey Trolls Haters Writing A Hilarious Song Using Only Hate Comments, And She Has Nailed It!

Hey, Meet, Madilyn Bailey – over her 10-years of being on Youtube, she has accumulated an impressive over 7M subscriber base, plus her videos have been viewed nearly 1 billion times, ultimately making her one of the most popular singer-songwriters on the platform. However, throughout this time of gaining miraculous fame, Madilyn has also received a lot of hate – but that is natural, though.

Some folks, fueled by jealousy and hatred, have always tried their best to defame, devalue, and downplay the performer and her successes without holding anything back – and their hurtful comments attack everything from Madilyn’s looks to her talents – her whole being.

But hopefully, the 27-year-old Youtuber doesn’t let them get her down. And, on the contrary, she is making fun of her haters by doing it with the thing she loves the most – Music (oh yeah!). Madilyn has composed a few songs using only the negative comments she’s received, and even though it’s baffling to hear how gross some folks are, it’s also pleasing to know that they aren’t prevailing against the charismatic chanteuse.

Madilyn Bailey is teaching us one of the most important lessons of living a life: do not get yourself blocked by negative emotions, anger, and self-doubt because they won’t steer you to the finish line, but they can certainly distract you from it. So, focus on the road in front of you and keep moving forward, and if anyone tosses out a negative comment – use that as a sign to recommit to your craft and to refocus on the track ahead of you.


She is one flawless celebrity who very well knows the rules of dealing with offensive people!

And just so you know – it’s not the first time she did it!

Do you lack confidence in your work because you’re afraid of hateful commenters? I urge you to stop worrying because life’s too short to waste it for pleasing everyone, especially to all the toxic goblins.


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