I Am Laughing Hard At These ‘Work From Home’ Memes That People Are Sharing On The Internet Inferring That Certain Jobs Not Being Easy To Do From Home!

Via Reddit

Hey, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many business owners and employees are urged to move their workspace to their homes, so a new meme has emerged. And people call it ‘Work From Home’ meme (that’s so productive, right?). So, don’t be disappointed because you’re quarantined – and join me in this laughter-buzz as you scroll this new gag that people are sharing on Reddit (New Pics).

#1. “dedication”

Reddit | u/justaregulargye

#2. “But make sure you get in the trunk for social distance:”

Reddit | u/fficaciousBean

#3. “Here it comes.”

Reddit | u/bossguydude

#4. “Stay safe, boys!”

Reddit | u/EfficaciousBean

#5. This work from home EA meme:

Reddit | u/MikeySkates

#6. “Buzz! We’re losing him!”

Reddit | u/organic_crystal_meth

#7. “We’re here kids:”

Reddit | u/Ghosty______

#8. “It does be like that, though.”

Reddit | u/DragonMasterx13

#9. “I am a Lego MaSteR BuIlDeR”

Reddit | u/ThePopTartKitty

#10. “Time to telework:”

Reddit | u/Negral

#11. “Nwooom



Reddit | u/OffendedDishwasher

#13. “Stay At Home, Be Safe!”

Reddit | u/FireBall1881

#14. “My whole city is on lockdown :/”

Reddit | u/YasuoGodxd

#15. “You can’t drive trains from home…”

Reddit | u/CarKid5508

#16. “Please work from home!”

Reddit | u/Kloudy122

#17. “Bloody coronavirus destroying jobs!”

Reddit | u/HarryHD_

#18. “Gotta take out them fires:”

Reddit | u/MattBatz1991

#19. “That’s a plot twist:”

Reddit | u/R00sterPickens

#20. “Cough in your elbow!!!”

Reddit | u/TheAngryPaella

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