Woman Quits Her Job And Starts Making Money From Showing Clips Of Her Very Long Toenails

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OK, for most of us, we generally love the sight of pretty and cute nails! But, it does have a weird outlook in fashion, and many women are obsessed with long and manicured toenails. However, one woman from Ohio discovered the world of nail fetishists and opted to grow very long toenails since then.

Meet Arinda StormWeaver, 58, from Columbus, Ohio, who rarely cuts her toenails, and hence, they’re astonishingly long.

Apparently, Arinda has always centered on her fingernails, but seeing the craving hunger for nail content, she opted to let her toenails develop too. And, while their length startles some people, many surprisingly enjoy them, and a number will even pay her for clips of her feet.

Arinda charges around $13 for a 10-minute clip of her very long toenails, and she makes so much money from these clips that she quitted her job as an account specialist.

Via Instagram

In an interview, Arinda stated that, back in 2006, while recovering from a double mastectomy, she uploaded a few pics of her long fingernails to MySpace, plainly to show them off. But, they soon began amassing a lot of fame, and she realized there was much serious money to be made, particularly from toes.

Arinda runs an Instagram account and sells fetish videos of herself doing bizarre things with her nails. She also identifies as an LNB – a long nail beauty.

Via Instagram

She explained, “My toenails are rarer, thus making them more popular than the fingernails.”

And, if one does break, she tries to find the toenail to reattach it, but if that’s not plausible, she has to cut them all.

But, having such incredibly long toenails has a few downsides.

She revealed, “Wearing closed-toed shoes is not possible with my toenails. I also cannot wear heels any longer,” the fetish woman continued explaining, “They tend to make me walk slower, and I also cannot run with them.”

And outside her work, her nails attract a lot of attention ~ and despite someone’s sneering comments, she says she wouldn’t be without them. 

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