Woman Saves Dehydrated Koala By Slipping A Water Bottle!

Rising temperature in the lands of Australia and the abiding wildfires have posed severe challenges for the local wildlife, who often have no much choice except for enduring the burning warmth. However, now and then, we hear stories of people who stand for protecting this invaluable assets, and recently, one little dehydrated Koala in need of a good drink, fortunately, got some genuine help from an unusually kindhearted cyclist – and once again, it’s woman protecting the nature!

Meet An Aussie Cycling Enthusiast Anna Heuseler, Who Went Viral This Month For Lending Her Water Bottle To A Hopelessly Dehydrated Koala, Who Sought Out Her Aid During A Recent Ride!


Anna Heuseler posted a pic on her Instagram account where one can easily notice the needy Koala clinging to her bicycle and crying out for help, “This koala walked right up to me as I was descending and climbed up onto my bike while I gave him water. BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO BE ON A RIDE EVER,” the caption Heuseler wrote.

Undoubtedly, The Little Dehydrated Koala Knew He Was In The Good Hands While Sipping Water From The Water Bottle:


It was December 20 when Anna Heuseler, along with a group of cyclists, were heading towards Adelaide, South Australia, “The temperature was pretty much high that day, about 40C, and we spotted the koala sitting right in the middle of the road,” Heuseler narrated the situation well. And it seems, the dehydrated Koala just knew whom to trust as he approached Anna Heuseler to sip some water from her bottle!

Anna Heuseler Even Posted An Entire Video Of The Incident, Showing The Koala Literally Clasping Her As It Quenches Its Thirst!

It looks super cute and inspirational! And Heuseler later remarked that while she has seen hundreds of Koalas on her frequent bike rides, this dehydrated Koala is the first one to approach her this way, “I stopped on my bike, and he strolled right up to me, quite quickly for a koala, and as I was giving him a good drink from all our water bottles, he actually rose onto my bike, and literally, none of us have ever seen anything like it,” she said.

After the drink, Heuseler said they carefully escorted the little Koala safely back to the shelter of the trees.

Fortunately, This Koala Was Unharmed By The Bushfires That Have Been Burning Through The Area For Months Now!

It’s estimated that the bushfires have wiped out twelve million acres of land, making it extremely worse for wildlife to survive – as it’s tough for them (anybody) to find food and water, as well as a proper shelter. Experts also estimated that a total of 480 million animals had been killed since the wildfires began in September (I mean, WHAT!!!).

That means we need more stories to glorify and protect the world of nature, and to do that we need more humans participating in this activity of helping out the animals, instead of sitting on a chair, sipping coffee, and yelling out the government isn’t doing their job! After all, we all are the members of the constitution, aren’t we!

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