Woman Pranks Man Who Attempted To Give Her His Number By Telling Her He’s Fostered A Chimp!

OK, the commencement of a new love story can prove costlier as you pull out the chains to impress your love interest. And one man who had only gone as far as to hand his mobile number over to a potential date was pranked into thinking his bold move was going to set him back more than he ever expected (but can we expect a start of a new Romeo-Juliet story or it’s only how a woman pranks man…?) Let’s find out!

After passing his details to a woman named Emily, the man was lit-up in hopes of kindling a new flame. But little did the innocent fellow knew, Emily Cain was all-set to take advantage of his heroic move (I call it fetish) – Emily had decided to trick the guy by playing he had set up a £24.50 a month direct debit to support a chimpanzee.

And The Woman Pranks Man By Picking A Cheesy-Loving-Name “Guy” To Add His Number In Her Contacts…

Source: Twitter

Emily, avoiding a choosy-chat-up-line “SORRY, NOT INTERESTED,” texted a brief message where she congratulated the guy for the subscription of adopting Bubbles the chimp for £7.50 billed per month. Furthermore, she also instructed the man that if he wants to opt-out of the subscription, he should reply with the word STOP (I mean, didn’t the guy recognize the message as spam) Obviously he didn’t!

Source: Twitter

The poor undoubting man tried to opt-out of the charitable deed, but unfortunately, Emily wasn’t done yet, and there seemed to be a mix-up at the ‘animal rescue center’, which informed our hapless man that he had committed to a further £5 a month to help provide food and water for Bubbles.

‘Guy’ again tried to stop his financial aid, resulting in a further £3 a month, which came with the tip of a cuddly toy version of his new dependant.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

But then his patience wore thin when he got a reply that he has successfully adopted Bubble’s poorly mother, Bonnie, leading him to a repulsive reply. And finally, the rescue center passed him on to the comfort team where it was eventually exposed he had been chatting to Emily all along.

Soon Emily Cain posted their exchanges on Twitter, and without doubt, the thread got trending. With more than 22K likes and 3K retweets, how a woman pranks man story is making internet leap left and right, and I hope it tingled you as well, correct?

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