Henry Cavill Justifies Theory Related To His “Witcher Sword”

Well, after everyone’s considerations, all the debates that were had, all the relationships that were terminated, we finally get to acknowledge the truth about the Witcher’s Sword.

So, bear on your concrete tinfoil hats, ladies and gentlemen, because if you don’t, you’ll get your nerves all over the place. As in the truth is going to blow your brains out!

Let’s have a quick talk on “The Witcher”…


If you are here, I suppose you know a lot about it, it’s that Netflix series that premiered in December and since has blown up the whole world!

And if Henry Cavill had thought Superman didn’t make him that famous, well, this show definitely bloomed him to a whole new level. 

Witcher is one of the fiercely contented series that has finally been established!


The majority of fans were speculating whether there was a link between Witcher’s sword and Renfri, contemplating it has her broach on it.

Surprisingly, It Turns Out, It Does:


Most recently, Henry Cavill shared a video on NXOnNetflix’s Twitter account (the account devoted to Netflix’s nerdy stuff), where he spoke about the foundations of the broach on the Witcher’s sword.

Henry Cavill says, “He shouldn’t get involved in the affairs of men because they always lead to his own personal pain.”

However, while detailing more about his sword, he said the Witcher’s sword is made to kill monsters and men both. 

Also, he proceeds to explain it with a lot more detail.

So check it out if you’re a fan of The Witcher, or if you only want to nerd out for some time.

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