Adorable Catto’s Love Of His Space Heater Is A Complete Winter Mood!

At last, after an oddly mild and drizzly December, winter has officially arrived in the woodlands of Japan – it’s cold, it’s snowy, and natives are already over the total winter mood.

Anyway, Japanese winters don’t get as frozen as some more northern countries, but I can’t neglect this kitty’s space heater love because then that would be an understatement.

For Busao, From Japan, Love Space Heater And Keeps It Under His Toes!

In Japan, central heating in homes isn’t much forward, so space heaters and kotatsu (low tables wrapped with a quilt and a heater underneath) are popular.

And Busao cherishes it as much as we love Super Bowl (I know it’s a big deal)!

And If You Have Ever Owned A Catto, Then You Would Remember They Love To Stay In The Warmest Spot Of The House!


Like, a thin beam of sunlight peeking through the windowpanes, or it could be your keyboard an hour before your paper is due. I mean, if it’s warm, they will find it.

So Busao Is No Different. Or Solely To Appraise Him, Space Heater Is Much More Like A Treasure Chest For Him:


But like…he absolutely adores that space heater. 

To me, it looks like he is reflecting or something. 

However, It Does Seem Like He Is Sleeping Sitting Up!

I swear he has had the best nap of the year (or what a catto-kind would ever imagine).

Anyway, I have found my winter mood Patronus – when I am freezing, I will imagine Busao’s warmth – ‘Be My Busao!’

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