Heartwarming Pic Captured By Photographer Of A Wild Orangutan Offering A Helping Hand To A Man Stuck In Snake-Infested Waters!

Instagram | anil_t_prabhakar

Well, it seems animals remember to settle their debts by helping out humans as we can definitely see it in this heart-warming pic of a wild orangutan offering a helping hand to a man stuck in snake-infested waters.

The brief interplay was seized by an amateur photographer, Anil Prabhakar, who was on a safari with his amigos through a conservational forest on the Indonesian island of Borneo in the last week of January 2020.

Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) is responsible for the maintenance of the sanctuary whose final goal is to protect critically endangered apes who may need cover in the face of injuries, poaching threats, or habitat loss.

And How Did Orangutan Know About The Consequences Of Approaching The Muddy Waters, You Ask? Well, Snakes Are Orangutan’s Only Real Predators In The Forest, So It Pretty Much Explains Everything!


Plus, it’s their territory, and if you ask me where you shouldn’t drag your car in my neighborhood, I would say Area 51.

And the man in the pic is a conservancy keeper who was busy clearing off the snakes for Prabhakar and his companions when the orangutan offered its hand:

Prabhakar mentioned in the Instagram post as if the orangutan was asking to assist the guard.

And due to the unpredictability of wild orangutans, the guard kept circling around at different points in the bank and climbed out of the pond on his own – but not before Prabhakar captured a heartwarming pic of the breathtaking interplay.

“I just grabbed that moment, and it was really emotional,” Prabhakar stated his feelings.

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