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The World Is Finding Out The Person Who Sings “Dance Monkey,” And Her Voice Really Sounds Like That, Like There’s No Autotune At All!

An Australian singer-songwriter, Tones and I, is getting famous in literally every part of the world for the song “Dance Monkey.”

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And, if you live in this cosmos, I bet you’re aware of it! So, if you’d like to catch it one more time, plug-in your earphones and hear this damn song – and FYI, this song went to number one in almost every country in the world:

But I guess there’s more work of an autotuner than the singer herself!

Apparently, Tones and I was actually discovered as a busker, and the song “Dance Monkey” is about her adventure – busking!

Youtube | DIFFUS

After a remarkably difficult night busking, Tones and I scribbled the lyrics of the song – the singer said she put everything that people have said to her in the song, making it exceptionally “owned” by herself!

Tones even performed “Dance Monkey” on Ellen’s show recently, and people cannot believe their ears that Tones and I’s singing voice is totally unique. There’s no autotune or filter; she wholly sounds like that.

Youtube | TheEllenShow

HER voice sounds exactly, I mean, EXACTLY, like the recording!

Here’s what people said to sum it up!


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