Librarians Are Trolling All The Irritating Patrons Who Always Ask The Same Question!

Do you remember the moment you visited a library and couldn’t find the book you wanted, and then you turned to the librarian asking where it was? And then the librarian, looking into you in a lousy manner, answers that sound repulsive – and the conversation doesn’t go well as the librarian acts rude – sometimes! Well, it’s because librarians have lost their hold on the temperament of answering the same questions day after day after day – but that’s their job, correct?

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Until today, I thought being a librarian was the simplest thing to do – soft-spoken, nice-gesture, sitting behind a desk, and directing readers to the correct aisles. But, I guess I was wrong because I never actually worked in one.

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And, It Turns Out, Librarians Face Annoying Buyers Just Like The Rest Of The World!

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So, though the job of librarians is to direct readers toward the right section to suit their reading needs, they have come up with a crazy hack to troll their annoying patrons in pretty smart ways, and this time, they have come harder!

OK, A Twitter User Posted A Book Display Of A Library, And It Seems, Librarians Have Started Putting Some Insane Book Displays:

As seen in the tweet, a local library came up with a hack and gathered a collection of books that all have one thing in common – color (red) – and giving it a title – “I DON’T REMEMBER THE TITLE, BUT THE COVER WAS RED.” Because people have a distressing habit of asking for help finding their favorite book based solely on its color – which is not helpful at all!

This Twitter Post Went Viral And Another Tweeter Revealed Thier Library Too Adopted A Similar Hack For Trolling People – WITH THE COLOR BLUE:

It is really sick that the readers don’t remember the title or the author of the book they want, and consider saying the cover’s color is the next best thing. Other Twitter users also shared the most disgraceful questions that patrons always come up with, “You had this book on display last week. I don’t remember the title.” And this one too, “I don’t remember the title or the author, but it was about a dog?” I mean, it’s horrible!

But Twitter Also Found Some Librarians Who Are Truly Proud Of Themselves On Being Able To Find Books Based On Color:

So What Should We Take From This Library Trolls And Proud Moments?

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First thing first, librarians are outstanding at dealing out with irritating patrons possible, and of course, helping out to find books too. And I don’t remember any librarian losing out his/her anger on someone, even if they’re absolutely unhelpful in their book request. So, let’s appreciate librarians for their good cause, and research our prospective-book buys better before we hit the library again!

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