Watching This Supernatural Video Of A Dog Playing Volleyball With 3 Humans Is Making Me Jump On My Bed!


Via Instagram

While the majority of the world is struggling with their ‘to-do’ list during the period of the ongoing lockdown, perhaps, some might be having their best life or at least the best time, I would say. Like this flat-coated retriever, Kiara ~ for a normal human eye, she may only be an ordinary dog, but she’s giving us some majorly-crazed vibes in the Instagram clip showcasing her supernatural volleyball skills, where she is viewed playing volleyball with 3 Humans, and I dare say she’s the superior player.

In the viral Insta-clip, Kiara – whose Instagram, @kiarathevolleydog, highlights how much she adores volleyball ~ uses her snout to volley the ball to her human partner in a match against two other players (also human).

Kiara’s partner in the video is the Norwegian beach volleyball player, Mathias Berntsen. Each time the ball comes the ally’s way, Berntsen hits the ball first, Kiara deposits it back to him, then Berntsen sends it back over the net to the other team. And even though it’s vigorous, the back-and-forth is so comforting to watch! In a nutmeg, watching cute Kiara play volleyball with 3 Humans feel so magical, and you couldn’t complain, but ‘she’s a star.’

See the EPIC game below!

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