Two-Faced Cat Quimera Is A Biscuit You Will Never Eat And Still Keep!

OK, I admit we adore cats with unique features – and somehow, it has become our culture to fascinate them. But how will you react when a cat has two evenly unusual faces? Because the internet users are in awe when looking at the photos of Quimera – the cat with two faces that seems like she’s thriving!

Well, you’ve probably heard of chimera before – they’re a staple of some fantasy style, but they do exist in real life – if a little less dramatically than a riddle-posing Sphinx.

And so this kitty was named Quimera for apparent reasons:


Basically, this phenomenon occurs when one organism is composed of cells with more than one distinct genotype, usually due to embryos merging – and it’s very uncommon to find. However, this term is also associated with individuals that display two very different color variations in one animal.

The little kitty has gained a massive social media following for particularly her climactic two-faced look:

And what’s more interesting is that the combination split continuous along her majestic furs (except that the colors are inverted). Noice.

However, some people think whether or not cats like her are true models of chimeras:


Virginia Papaioannou, Columbia University Professor of Genetics and Development says, felines can’t have two sets of cells, but they are somewhat “mosaics.”

Papaioannou holds that cats like Quimera are simply calicos with a very unusual pattern.

Anyway, a DNA test could settle who’s former or the latter.

But I am very much sure Quimera doesn’t mind being called “mosaic” – I mean, it’s also considerably unique.

Either way, she is a gorgeous kitty

And she has embraced a new sister into her castle too:

Kyra’s trims are quite as symmetrical as Quimera’s, but they are no less stunning.

BTW, if you’re looking to join Quimera’s almost 100K club, she would be glad to have you – here’s the reception.

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