Cinema Owner Sells Popcorn To Help Pay Employees, Says He Will Do Everything He Can To Fight The COVID-19 Outbreak!

As HEALTH OFFICIALS continues to advance social distancing, the entire world is locked-up in their homes, so cinemas all across the globe (literally) have stopped screening films and have temporarily shut their doors to moviegoers.

However, these critical closures have resulted in some workers being furloughed or let go completely, meaning that some businesses may go bankrupt soon. But one theater owner named Mark O’Meara from Virginia came up with a cunning plan to give people at least part of the movie-time they’re now missing out on, while also making money for his staff.

67-year-old Mark O’Meara owns two cinemas in Fairfax, so he has a lot of employees to worry about during this complete lockdown. Plus, the workers were making a living on a shoestring, so they can’t afford to lose more than one or two shifts a week, leaving Mark depressed about them, but he had no plans to help!

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Not until the wise man came up with an idea of opening a “curbside concession stand,” offering people giants buckets of delicious popcorn for only $3.

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Mark O’Meara told Variety about how he pulled the execution, “We have a parking lot the width of a sidewalk and nobody else is open, so there’s plenty of space.” Furthermore, adding, “I’ll do what I can to get these kids paid.”

And thanks to the power of social media and word-of-mouth, Mark’s curbside popcorn store is making some real money. He reported he’s averaging anywhere from $350-400 a day.

Mark O’Meara via Variety

Well, of course, the business isn’t entirely making up for profits lost during the cinemas’ closure, but at least it’s helping his staff to pay their bills. In short, it’s one noble cause of sticking together for each other during the most troublesome times.

“Someone got her paycheck,” Mark recalled. “I was watching her. She took out her calculator and said, ‘Yes, I can pay the rent.’ That’s what it’s all about.”


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