Trump’s Glowing Orange Face Inspires Hundreds Of Hilarious Memes!

Let’s see him blame this one on the sun!

Photographer William Moon, who posts President Trump’s pics on the Twitter account – White House Photos – recently tweeted a candid shot of him walking across the South Lawn where people were quick to notice one very shocking detail: Trump’s orange face!

I mean, it is literally glowing, like he lately got a radioactive Doritos dust facial!

Twitter | White House Photos

By the way, it was a particularly breezy day in Washington D.C. when the picture was shooted, which would quite explain why Trump’s corn husk-yellow hair has been blown back away from his face.

But we surely need an answer for that almost perfect orange line around the edge of his face. Someone needs to preface his beautician to a blending brush stat.

Anywho, once the pic was on the internet, there was no stopping from giving Trump the ol’ meme treatment:

Trump’s orange face undoubtedly explains how my pillow looks when I decide it’s perfectly acceptable to fall asleep on my white bed sheets right after applying some tanning lotion. 

Please learn from our mistakes, folks!

This user hilariously linked Trump’s look to their own senile grandma’s beauty obsessions:

And it wouldn’t be a Trump’s tan thread if we didn’t see at least one Oompa Loompa tweet – might be the best of all:

One more well-made meme spurred by Trump’s uber-bronzed complexion – I will take a pass on this sequel, BTW:


Greetings to the Hunger Games, Trump: You’ve never looked better!


They call me Heat Miser, and they’re right on this:

Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did a shout out:

Or it is a rush job! 

Or maybe this is what happened:

Some tweeters decided Trump’s boys could use to similar treatment – maybe then they will be loved:

And just in case you didn’t have sufficient nightmare fuel, someone “fixed” Trump’s face for him:

However, the most naive part of this thread is the point that the White House Photos Twitter page posted the same photo again, this time in black and white:

Perhaps this was only an attempt to defend the POTUS’ orange hue, but it utterly made the situation worse, far worse!

I bet this user’s comment will sum it up: “Where did he dance with the sunset, Chernobyl? His face has rotted.”

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