A TikTok Of A Daughter’s Last Talk With Her Mother Who Died Of The Coronavirus Has Brought The Internet To Tears!

There hasn’t been a special deal of positive news anywhere on this corona-cursed planet, and with over 16,82,754 COVID-19 cases confirmed worldwide, people are finding it very difficult to keep their hopes up, because everyone is in terror, thinking whose soul is next? And what if the next victim is one of my friends or worst, my family members? Just like this woman who had the last talk with her mother, Roberta Tately, three days before when Roberta died of the shrouded coronavirus, and that final conversation’s TikTok has brought the internet to tears!

81-year-old Roberta Tately was in a rehabilitation center – recovering from pneumonia – when the inevitable COVID-19 got her, and she tested positive for the virus.

Francesca Onorato via BuzzFeed

Tately’s granddaughter Onorato told BuzzFeed, “About three days after, she passed while the nurse was holding her hand.”

But before Tately died, her family had one last phone call with her. Here’s part of a daughter’s last talk with her mother on Onorato’s TikTok:


16-year-old Onorato explained that they couldn’t visit her grandma in the hospital for obvious safety reasons for not catching the virus. Furthermore, adding, while on the call, her grandma was under the influence of morphine, so she couldn’t reply to anything they said, but the family members were sure she heard them deep in her hearts!

Onorato also expressed that watching her own mother getting so emotional and depressed over the call while saying final goodbyes to HER mother made her feel unfortunate about the situation.

And WAIT, Onorato has a message for all of us: “I want people to know that this is reality. Those statistics you see on TV could be your family members, and everyone needs to stay inside if we want this virus to go away quicker.”

Francesca Onorato via BuzzFeed

Maintain social distancing ~ because that’s one VITAL weapon we have to defeat the spread of the coronavirus. Stay Safe!

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