Woman Gets Followed Home By Three Crooks, Hugs This Black Guy And Asks Him To Aid Her!

First thing first, when these wild crooks will understand that the character who gave birth to them was a woman.

Anywho, jumping toward the hopeful part – being a great person doesn’t always include pleasant tasks like baking pies for the local bake sale. 

Sometimes, it means protecting a complete stranger when they are being followed by a group of crooks, planning to hurt them. And that’s exactly one Twitter user did when a woman in need approached him, asking for his help. Scroll down to read the whole story, and girl, remember there are still some real heroes with us.

Google Images (not the actual pic)

A Twitter user told everyone how he helped a complete stranger who was being followed by three crooks:


Wait…There Is An Update!


This incident happened in New York, and some of you might start deeming if the city is dangerous? But that’s not certainly the case because NY is one of the safest big cities in the US and has a lower than average crime rates per citizen.

However (yes, there is a “however”), New York is also the most visited city in the country, with over 13 million visitors every year. That means the sinners see a chance, and that’s why there are lots of petty thieveries. Plus, tourists are the targets.

So, if you’re planning a trip to New York’s Chinatown, remember that even though it has lower than average rates of theft and murder, assaults and robberies are much more frequent there.

Some safety tips are – you should never get into an unmarked cab; be very careful when walking after dark (ultra alert when alone); avoid Disney and superhero characters in Times Square who might try to trick you. If you’re in trouble, ask the locals for help – some will be positive to lend a hand.

Twitter Users Were Touched By The Heroic Act, While Others Shared Their Own Story:


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