I Don’t Know What Happens In The Witcher In Season 2, But I Am Thrilled!

OK, while nothing to do over Christmas this year except for supporting my mom to make her special recipe (which isn’t so unique – but please don’t tell her), I thought of getting into the fan-called-out Netflix’s new epic show, “The Witcher” – and I must inform you – it’s not just called out, but it’s completely EPIC! And I know many of you already know that – but the show is renewed for season 2 – “The Witcher Season 2.”

So, The Witcher Has Been Out For A While Now, And People Are Claiming It The “NEXT BIG THING,” I Call It – HOPE!

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In fact, people have started rating it so and so that The Witcher’s rating has broken Stranger Things and Tuca and Bertie’s records – and, I am telling you, it’s a bold move!

In A Nutshell, The Witcher Is THE SHOW We All Needed To Help Us Move On From GAME OF THRONES – The Messiah!

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OK, the show has got an awe-struck name – mindblowing casts – thrilling screen-lines – “exalted” scenes (you know it!) – and crazy fans all around the world. No doubt it’s the epic show we wanted – but could it carry the legacy in the Witcher season 2? I mean, how The Witcher managed to blow that monster out of the water is beyond me, but does the showrunner, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, HAS WHAT IT TAKES! And though she pretty much seemed glad about people liking this new series (and why not?), does she reads our hearts well? And isn’t intending to ruin it again?

Because She Said:

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“I’m so excited that before fans have even seen our first season, we can confirm that we’ll be returning to The Witcher Season 2 to continue telling the legends of Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri,”

Well, If People Love It, Then We Don’t Have Any Problem, Correct?

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We can’t say anything about how the next season will turn the tables, but we except for the best! Plus, it looks like they will start shooting for the Witcher season 2 in 2020, so we can foresee a debut in 2021 – still long wait! And we don’t know yet what may come around in this gap! So, as I mentioned earlier, HOPE is the answer!

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