These Stranger Things Characters Will Help You To Write A Conventional New Year Resolutions List With Comfort!

People are questioning how they hope to start their new decade, and making a resolution list is troublesome for many people as they cannot figure out their priorities completely – but not anymore? Yeah, because we know, for the last couple of years, we have been obsessed with Stranger Things, so now, we use our Stranger Things fan-power to create the modest new year 2020 resolutions list, therefore if you haven’t taken out your journal yet, you’re late already!

The Stranger Things characters have had to face both personal and literal monsters, so it should be easy to create this new year 2020 resolutions list based on Stranger Things!

#1. Live Life Like Eleven:

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When everyone starts living their lives only to prove someone or be like one, remember to live for yourself because anything that matters is you – precisely like Eleven – reveal your hidden powers – dress anything that makes you feel distinctive about yourself – and don’t forget to enjoy every breath of your life, though time may seem harder than it is!

#2. Fight With The Toxic People:

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OK, by fight, I don’t mean to kill someone, but to stay away from them. You see – we meet negative-bounded people now and then, so instead of getting along with them to drain our energy and to rob us out of our imagination – it’s better to separate our ways – precisely like Billy – who broke his bond with the Mind Flayer, and helped out the team (loved-ones) close the gate!

#3. Make Time For Your Loved Ones:

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Though humans live for 79 years (on average), still, it’s pretty less amount of time, and while you’re busy fooling around or making a sack full of money, you aren’t aware of the actual amount of time you have! So, it’s essential to cherish the little moments of your life with your loved ones – because when you truly know the difference – then it’s too late (sometimes) – precisely like Hopper – he wasn’t a perfect man, but his self-sacrifice made up for every flaw in his character. So make sure you add this point in your new year 2020 resolutions list!

4. Try To Move-On Easily:

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In life, there are several things you can’t control. So, instead of crying out for the things you cannot manage, it’s best to keep them going in their own way. I am not suggesting to compromise because you cannot control something – but be like Joyce – she had every right of crying in agony when she’s had her child abducted in Season 1 or when she saw her boyfriend die in Season 2, but she mastered her emotions strongly, and we saw her taking charges of her sentiments in Stranger Things Season 3.

#5. Gain More Confidence:

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Often we get in a path where we find ourselves falling, and the next thing we’re into is – dependant on our family or friends for the livelihood. We narrow down our intelligence and consider ourselves a failure, and we never find a better place for us to live in this world. Anyway, this new decade brings an opportunity for you to be like Mike – take hard decisions – support people – make someone feel special about themselves – because then only – your genuine powers will be revealed to thyself!

#6. Read A Lot Of Books:

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Consider this new decade an opportunity for revealing your true self, and remember, reading (a lot) is the key. I often get questions like how reading helps – and revealing yourself is journeying down a new road – writing down your own book! But imagine of Robin here – if she hadn’t thrown herself into the research of cracking the Russian code, meeting new friends, challenging her mind, and developing a good Russian accent, the storyline wouldn’t have been so popular which it is today. So, consider adding the habit of reading in your new year 2020 resolutions list!

#7. Take Up A Cause – Write A Book – Fall In Love:

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Only because you didn’t find love in 2019, doesn’t imply you’ll die single. You’re not unlucky or crazy, but the truth is, you haven’t found your Suzie-poo yet, and to do that, you should take the necessary steps – find someone who you can trust – then trust and be honest from your side as well – make the relationship full of surprises and stop being concerned of everything – and learn to share the space – precisely like Dustin, whose friends never thought him to come back from summer camp with a girlfriend, did you?

#8. Quit Smoking:

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While you celebrate this new year’s eve, try not to hug the toilet seat at the end of the party. Plus, keep control of the liquors you take because not only you will have more energy in the morning, but also it will cut costs on the bar tab, and you will avoid the embarrassment. Remember, Hopper – whose too much alcoholism and smokism got himself in a horrific scene in Season 3 concerning a date with Joyce.

#9. Make New Friends:

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We all get a little too shy when it comes to socialize, meet everyone with a happy face, and thriving this energy into a bond of friendship! But do you remember Steve? Yeah, after what happened to him in Season 1 – the handsome, charming, super popular guy got dumped and reluctantly became friend with Mike and his pals that led him to bond a strange friendship with Dustin and Robin too (I mean, who’ve ever thought?). But doing so, he learned to reveal himself briefly, and took the high roads of life that helped him to know himself.

#10. Find A New Hobby:

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I don’t know whether you are an engineer, a doctor, a professor, or so and so, but one of the best new year 2020 resolutions is – developing your hobby into passion (and trying to make a living out of it) – if possible. It will not only challenge you mentally but also physically, and who knows it will reward you big time any day! Because we all know Jonathan’s photography skills helped him land a job in a local newspaper company, and despite his outcast at school, Jonathan, for sure, was at the better place than compared with others!

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