Here Are Some JOKER Behind The Movie Facts That You Should Know Before You Watch The Movie!

Do you know our expectations are broader, and for that reason, it doesn’t meet its value every time! And the same thing happened when people saw the Joker movie – some commented on the dark theme, and others stated that the film is garbage! Well, in both cases, we shouldn’t forget what it takes to make a movie? It commences with an inspiration (and sometimes, it may go in the wrong direction), but what matters is – there is always something of value if you look into it.

So, here we are, not to inspire you to watch the movie (because I know it isn’t great!), but to remind you what it took to create this film, Joker!


#. The movie’s storyline, following a failed stand-up comedian, comes from the popular Batman: The Killing Joke illustrated novel:

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#. And the Joker film was also highly inspired by the famous movie: The Man Who Laughs. 

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#. Do you know the role of Arthur Fleck was imagined by Phoenix in his mind? 

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Finishing touches.

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#. When preparing for the Joker character, Phoenix studied the actions of iconic silent film stars like Buster Keaton and Ray Bolger:

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#. Nevertheless, Phoenix confirmed that he did not refer to any past accents of the character when developing himself as Arthur Fleck!

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#. Before shooting, Phoenix was told to deliver Joker’s laughter as something that’s nearly painful.

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#. Arthur’s clown makeup was purposefully done to look obsolescent, and his lips were given a reddish-brown to relate blood!

#. Phoenix urged the music-composer Hildur Guðnadóttir to start writing music off the script, which is not usually done in films.

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#. And to cheer-up the cast-members mood, Hildur Guðnadóttir’s music was often played:

#. And her music changed the Joker movie bathroom dancing scene from how it was written in the script before: 

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