Twitter Users Are Laying Down Cold Hard Truths, And There Is No Way To Beat Them!

Well, I personally like tweets that are pretty hard to debate because it’s factual and straight. Utterly like these tweets that are telling the absolute truth and nothing but the truth (ultra unbeaten which I dare you to beat them), but you know what? I appreciate their honesty.

So, let’s take a moment to appreciate the folks on Twitter (before some of you may attempt to break their confidence) that they delivered the whole ‘it’s-hilarious-because-it’s-true’ thing and gave us some interesting, unbeaten bombing tweets.

#1. It definitely sounds like an extempore song:

Twitter | EJGomez

#2. That’s everything I need to know about you, see you:

Twitter | TheOGJB

#3. And that’s it:

Twitter | Cpin42

#4. What is the point of having one?

Twitter | ericsshadow

Here’s a story: My friend’s parents still own a landline, and the only phone calls they get are from telemarketers – I always suggest my friend – burn the damn landline!

#5. I certainly wasn’t ready for that kind of responsibility:

Twitter | adamkotsko

#6. Airports are their own limited pockets of existence:

Twitter | ryanyeetz

#7. Every single time:

Twitter | kevinseccia

#8. We’ve reached the summit of terrible-ness:

Twitter | jsreinecker

#9. Do they dislike themselves or something?

Twitter | TheWeirdWorld

#10. My very first-string clothes:

Twitter | colepisiak

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