Taal Volcano Erupts Near Manila, Philippines; Airport Shut, Villagers Flee

It has been a while, or months, that we are used to hearing calamitous news-headlines. I mean, for the last past months, we’ve been continuously following how the deadly-fires blazed almost half of the Australian continent, and now, the Taal volcano in Manila, Philippines, has blighted steam, ash, and pebbles a kilometer above the hole, like – the end of the world is just today!

Taal Volcano Near Manila, Philippines, Spewed Ash Up To Ten Kilometers Into The Sky On Sunday, Prompting The Retreat Of Thousands Of People, Cancellation Of Airplanes, And Warning Of A Potential Fiery Eruption And Volcanic Tsunami!

Source: CNN

The explosion, which sent a crest of ash half a mile into the air, came after months after the volcano – Taal, nearly 40 miles south of Manila, began showing a state of distress. Its tremblings were felt on the volcano’s island and in villages around the nearby town of Agoncillo in Batangas Province. Plus, thundering sounds from the volcano raised fears among residents. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) put its alert level to 4 out of 5 – meaning ‘hazardous explosive eruption is possible within hours to days.’

Source: CNN

Phivolcs Also Warned Of Potential Volcanic Tsunami Attacks That Could Hit Areas Around The Taal Lake, A Famous Weekend Spot From Manila:

Source: CNN

The image clearly suggests how frightful the environment has been as this Filipino, Cookie Siscar, reported, “The earthquakes were strong, and it felt like there was a monster coming out as in the movies,” who had left the field and was sending a report from her husband, Emer, a poultry farmer, who was in their home in Batangas that surveys the volcano island.

Source: CNN

Anyway, the retreat of 8,000 citizens of the volcano island and other high-risk centers is in process, with about 6,000 citizens already out of the threat zone as of early Sunday night, the NDRR and Management Council told.

And As Of Now, Manila’s International Airport Have Suspended All The Flights Because There Are Ashes On The Runway:

Salvador Panelo, a speaker for President Rodrigo Duterte, advised people to stay indoors and instructed officials “to move people out of the risk zone.”

Source: CNN

OMG! The Ash Plume was Sharply Noticeable From The Nearby City Of Tagaytay, A Common Viewing Spot For The Taal Volcano.

Source: CNN

It was very scary,” Rea Torres said, describing “gloomy clouds over us” and explosion and thunderbolt.

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