So It Seems Robin Buckley Will Be Back In Stranger Things Season 4 And I Cannot Be Happier Else Way!

First thing first, Stranger Things season 3 was probably the show’s best yet, or say – at least most aggressive! Plus, the show also ended up with a significant change for the gang, and we all are excited about how their lives change in the upcoming season. And talking of the band, do you remember Robin Buckley? Wait, the Ahoy queen (now you remember) because fortunately, Stranger Things writers have accidentally (as they would say) revealed that she’s here to stay, hinting that the best of her is yet to come in season 4 – perhaps!

But there is only one bad thing – we’ll have to wait because the show is underway, with stories leaking out now and then, but we won’t be able to watch the completed series until late 2020. However, until then, we can live by the table-scraps doled by Stranger Things writers, who, just the other day, tweeted something that they shouldn’t have to (really) – or maybe it’s their publicity stance!

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So The Stranger Things Writers Tweeted About Robin Buckley’s Presence In The Upcoming Season 4, But They Didn’t Expect Such Attention, So They Deleted The Tweet (To Get More Thoughts)!

Stranger Things writers answered a fan’s question asking for a favorite line from Robin, but after tweeting, they deleted the tweet…but as we all agree, the internet is forever, so here it is:

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Though thoughts should be concluded in the end, I (and probably you) didn’t hope Robin Buckley won’t show up in Stranger Things season 4. After all, she was last seen helping her buddy, aka Steve Harrington, land a job at Family Video (so how could she not be in season 4?). And as long as we’re talking about the characters we wish to see back in Stranger Things season 4, the jury is still out on Hopper. Now that’s a tweet I would consider deleting! But that’s a topic for another day!

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