As Storm Gloria Continues Crushing Spain, Mallorca Get Hits By Huge Thunderbolts, And Another Town Is Dazzled With Foam!

Well, if climate change deniers need more evidence for what’s happening with our planet – tell them it’s not natural! Because Storm Gloria is wrecking eastern Spain with severe winds, thunderbolts, heavy rainfall, high tides, and even snowfall.

Unluckily, 9 People have lost their lives already due to events related to weather extremities, and four have been reported missing. Plus! Storm Gloria has left 220K people without electricity in the Tarragona region.

And as Gloria continues raging Spain, Mallorca has been battered with huge waves, plus another town got stuffed with foam. Normally, sea-foam forms when the ocean stirs up high concentrations of organic matter, but it also happens naturally; pollution from contaminants found in sewerage, cleansers, and fossil fuel can also be donors to the formation of foam.

Most Recently, A Video Went Viral On Twitter, Showing A Resort, Tossa De Mar, Being Filled With Foam:

In the video, a woman is attempting to get into her house while strolling through the sea of foam that has been shared on Twitter and viewed over 3.3 million times up to this day.

And, 9 Territories In Spain Are Still On Orange Or Red Alert:


The residents of Tossa de Mar, located on the coastal Costa Brava, woke up to a surreal scene of seafoam jamming up the tight streets of the old town.

The Interior Minister of Spain has reported the Storm Gloria as “exceptional,” and nine territories of the country are still on orange or yellow alert.

Sadly, Storm Gloria Is Suspected To Bring Even Heavy Storms And Flooding!


Civil Protection Director for Catalonia – Isabel Ferrer – reported the media that more rainfall is expected to kick the country, increasing the contingency of flooding and gushing rivers, “We are facing an emergency situation which is still not over,” Ms. Ferrer states.

Watch the video of foam filling up the streets of the Spanish town below:

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