A Young Sleeping Elephant Leaves Incredible Impressions Of Its Face In The Sand At Chester Zoo!

Facebook | Chester Zoo

I bet if Pablo Picasso were alive today, he would have been left stunned after seeing this accidental animal artwork created by a young sleeping elephant named Anjan at Chester Zoo.

Young Anjan, an Asian elephant at the UK’s Chester Zoo, dumbfounded zookeepers when he managed to leave behind a flawlessly detailed imprint of his face following a night of sleep in the sand.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the zoo is currently closed to the public. But that hasn’t stopped zookeepers from sharing stories of what our beloved innocent animals are up to, like Anjan’s incredible piece of artwork!

Facebook | Chester Zoo

Luckily, zookeepers managed to snap a picture of the incredible impression before it was corrupted in any way.

Facebook | Chester Zoo

Plus, at first glance, you could easily be mistaken the art piece for a real, conscious creative creation because of its intricate detail, but it’s basically the result of a sleeping elephant.

Apparently, it’s quite natural for elephants to snooze on their sides while they nap for four hours a night, but they don’t usually leave such incredible impressions behind. And if they do, chances are, the outlines get spoiled very easily.

In the art-pic, you can notice how utterly shielded Anjan’s profile is in the sand, from his flabby ears to his wrinkly trunk and eye clasped shut in blissful sleep, in short, that’s the best self-portraits you’ll see on the internet I say – human or otherwise!

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