Seth Rogen Is Wholly Fine With His Face Matching Nori The Dog

No doubt Seth Rogen is a cherished entertainer, and when he couldn’t throw some hilarious movies out there, he is still cracking it with social media posting – and his most recent move – has utterly become my favorite one.

Well, if you hadn’t been conscious, a darn pic of a doggo with a strangely human-esque face has been trending over the internet, and people suspecting each other why does doggo’s face seem so familiarit is now revealed, that, it’s basically the pet version of Set Rogen!

Meet Nori, From Seattle – His Human-Esque Face Has Often Caused People To Stop And Wonder – WHY HIS FACE LOOKS SO FAMILIAR!

Nori is a famous internet pet – and most of his fame is because of his human-resembling face. Plus! Nori’s owners Kevin Hurless and Tiffany Ngo did know of Nori’s significant features since he was a little pup, “When he was a pup, we couldn’t go more than a block without someone stopping us to ask questions about him,” Kevin explained furthermore adding, “It has become less frequent as he’s gotten older, but we still often hear about how human his face and eyes look.

Though Most People Guess It’s Nori’s Eyes That Gives Him His Human Look:

Nori is an Aussiepoo mix (Toy Australian Shepard and Toy Poodle), and he often seems like he’s grinning!


But The Internet Is Claiming They Have Found His Uncannier Resemblance – Seth Rogen!

Google Images

Just Wait – Nori’s Cute Plus Funny And Seth Rogen Is The Entertainer – MAKES SENSE – The Internet Has Found It – I Am Okay!

Most recently, a Twitter account, 41 Stranger, tweeted the pic, and the internet accepted it with open hands – their Rogen similarities!

But Some Of The Images Were A Bit Horrible:

Or This Video:

Surely why not everyone on the internet is smart!

Some Even Made This Joke!

Rogen has had an unbelievable glow-up over the years – but his newest form might be his cutest yet!

But Obviously, It Was Seth Rogen’s Response Who Made The Entire Story Damn Funny!

Rather than getting upset oven his animal version story, Rogen seemed genuinely glad for his new look.

And just when you deemed you couldn’t love Rogen anymore, though, he’s become everyone’s favorite!

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