10 Of The Most Much Selfish Humans In The Entire Cosmos!

Well, as the deadly COVID-19 is spreading like locusts from one nation to the other, people are advised to stay home and avoid crowded places as much as possible. Because that way, no person doomed with the coronavirus will cough on YOU, so you stay safe. However, we’re surrounded by a group of selfish humans, who think going to a local pub to get alcohol will cheer-up their mood, and that’s the most important thing to do for humanity – well, they THINK!!!

OK, the most selfish humans in the entire cosmos? Well, that would be…

#1. Every single human in this line:

Twitter | @spiderstumbled

#2. Plus this line:

Twitter | @4danlopez

#3. Plus this one too:

Twitter | @markbspiegel

#4. Every individual person who thinks they’re invulnerable in line for this pub:

Twitter | @anjalikumar6

#5. And this pub:

Twitter | @aedurkinricher

#6. And this pub too:

Twitter | @Ross_Jankins


Twitter | @justinearino

#8. Because no one dies when you stay home – and most importantly – you remain SAFE too!!!

Twitter | @dewittrunner1

#9. Is the Instagram (or any other social media) really WORTH it?

Twitter | @OrbKA

#10. Just stay the hell home!

Twitter | @annaliznichols

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