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Here’s A Mystical Creature Known As A Sea Angel Hovering Under Ice In The White Sea!

Meet Alexander Semenov, a marine biologist specializing in invertebrates. He is also a professional photographer with over nine years of experience under his oxygen tank, and he’s much excited in scientific macro-photography in natural environments. And here you will see a video that will prove how much Semenov loves what he does, during one of his dives under the ice in the White Sea in Russia, he recorded a mystical creature officially known as the sea angel.

YouTube | Aquatilis

Also, Semenov’s head of the Divers’ team at Moscow State University’s White Sea Biological Station, where he plans and handles all sorts of work, often diving in severe conditions.

Alexander himself shared a detailed report of the mystical creature, aka the sea angel he taped:

Facebook | Alexander Semenov

Semenov and his team have aimed to find, study, and photograph the most fascinating and strange denizens of the sea. Plus, not only do they photograph animals and tell people all about the underwater world, but they also act as science ambassadors, unveiling what it takes to start exploring the ice under the Northern lights and staying clear, focused, and full of passion.

Watch The Video Here:

Facebook | Alexander Semenov

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