Parents Are Sharing Pics Of Their Kid’s Rumpled Playrooms, And Their Kids Have Awesomely Nailed It!

It’s insanely hard to argue with kids on any off-topic, especially when you have to ask them to do something which they exclusively hate – because their tiny little brains will come up with a stubborn excuse that you won’t be able to dodge – and you would have to do the work yourself. 

And the best example for that is – asking children to clean their rumbled playrooms – because they won’t do it – it doesn’t matter to them how hard you try or how loudly you yell – they won’t do it – but willingly they will make their playrooms more rumpled so then your time will be occupied cleaning their mess while they rampage your entire house (true story guys).

But recently, Kim Kardashian gave the world an inside view of her kid’s playroom:

Kim Kardashian | Instagram

And by god, the level of organization is FAULTLESS!!!

Kim Kardashian | Instagram

However, if you’re a parent, you probably know the majority of kids don’t grasp a tidier way of living – and are very, very messy!


So, on Saturday, Ellen DeGeneres asked parents to share their kid’s rumpled playrooms, and let’s say the parents set their shallows free:

#1. Starting with this one – this playroom is so messy that it’s hard to get the doors open:

#2. I bet this playroom would hurt to walk in:

#3. Some rumpled playrooms like this one – seem like it has been hit by a tornado:

#4. Or this messy room that parents know all too well:

#5. And no matter how many bins and toy organizers any playrooms have, they would always remain a disaster:

#6. And if a playroom isn’t giving you the necessary space – *other-rooms* – YOU’RE WELCOME:

#7. And lastly, the messes were so large – even the children themselves passed out in horror:

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