I Bet If Hagrid Hadn’t Done This In The Movies, Things Might Have Been Better For Harry And His Friends!

There is no doubt that Rubeus Hagrid is only a big-fat-giant who is a gamekeeper and keeper of keys and grounds of Hogwarts, but he is a real-life-model and a best friend to Harry Potter entire the movie-series.

Hagrid, the half-giant, is the most trusted person for Professor Albus Dumbledore because Hagrid, for all his imperfections, always does his best for the school and students. And his special bond with Harry, Ron, and Hermoine makes him a pivotal (somehow) character throughout the HP series.

And though the beloved character, Rubeus Hagrid, made sure everything at Hogwarts run precisely, he committed few mistakes that cost Harry and the kids significantly. In today’s gig, we will highlight ten of the worst things Hagrid did. Make sure you read till the end and share among the potter-heads (no muggle involved).

#1. The Giant ARAGOG

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Without any doubt, if anyone asks me the stupidest thing Hagrid ever did – without question, it would be letting a giant spider, Aragog, live within the castle grounds of Hogwarts, where he can breed a big family.

Giving Hagrid’s nature some consideration, he was keen to protect magical and deadly beasts – putting Hogwarts and students’ lives at risk. And though Aragog didn’t cause any grave trouble throughout the movies, Harry and Ron endured a close visit to his large family. There are several other things Hagrid has done, but this is the worst because it shows how irresponsible he was!

#2. Rubeus Hagrid Brought A Giant

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Once again, people had to question Hagrid’s intelligence (well) when he brought a young giant (who was still huge), Grawp, into the forbidden forest. I don’t know why it felt like a brilliant idea to him putting a giant near Hogwarts because a giant could be a destruction, but luckily, Hermoine manages to strike up a bond with the Grawp and protects everything.


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Throughout the HP movies, you would notice that Rubeus Hagrid is a terrible secret-keeper, and his incapacity to keep his mouth shut becomes a central problem for Harry, Ron, and Hermoine – sending them on a wild chase. And though, they survive the grave danger Hagrid had brought on them, it’s also true if it weren’t for Hagrid, the HP movies hadn’t got advanced leads.

However, not every spill-out leaded Harry to a wild chase, but few purveyed him to death-course. The fact that Hagrid spilled the beans regarding the Sorcerer’s Stone was a huge mistake on his behalf. He actually took Harry to Gringotts to collect the stone, presuming that the young wizard wouldn’t be the least bit curious.

#4. The Magical BUCKBEAK

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One of Hagrid’s favorite pastimes was – to put students’ lives in danger; this is why he brings in Buckbeak to Hogwarts, intending to introduce the students to the Hippogriff, which is a magical beast.

And while Harry makes a strong bond with Buckbeak, Draco Malfoy is jealous he couldn’t have a similar fortune and ends up getting injured. Nonetheless, how Buckbeak acts out due to being scared, Malfoy makes sure the beast is not breathing more days.

Luckily, an idea saves Buckbeak, but it was a poor decision on Hagrid’s behalf as he put the creature in a position where it could easily hurt a student.

#5. The TRIWIZARD Cheat

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I don’t think this one ended up bad for Harry, but the Triwizard cup was a severe tournament, where breaking up the rules could expel you. However, that is were Rubeus Hagrid comes in, the rule-breaker, who had no issue in cheating and breaking those rules.

Hagrid took Harry to the chambers where Dragons were kept, giving Harry a lead about the dragon challenge. While he only did this for his friendship with Harry, but it wasn’t fair; after all, it was the Triwizard tournament.

#6. Charming Fluffy

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While several prominent characters in HP movies have their taglines, Hagrid is famous for saying, “I shouldn’t have said that.” It’s because of how severely grounded, and dangerous any situation is – Hagrid will discuss that openly, spilling every ounce of data until he discerns he shouldn’t have told that!

One of the worst is Hagrid telling Harry and his friends about how to deal with the three-headed beast, Fluffy, and is via music, which later leads the trio to go and find the bloodthirsty animal.


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Okay, there is no doubt that Hagrid doesn’t love magical creatures and beasts, but one of his weak intellect was – considering to breed a dragon inside of his tiny hut.

Thankfully, the dragon (or Norber, as he calls it), was taken away from him before any issues raised, but this was another dull decision making on his behalf, concluding he is not the smartest of HP characters (obviously). All we can be thankful for is that the dragon never got to grow in his care, or who knows what would have happened to Hogwarts.

#8. Dudley Dursley’s Tail

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I don’t blame Hagrid for Dudley’s tail because Dudley deserved it, but he was only a little brat doing his nonsense, the actual problems were his family.

Anyway, the reason why this comes in this list because Hagrid wasn’t allowed to do any magic tricks in front of the muggles, and although he did, it wasn’t brave enough of him to give Dudley a tail.


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While we’re talking of Hagrid’s use of magic and wand, he shouldn’t even dare to perform magic under any circumstances as The Ministry Of Magic banned him from practicing magic.

Yes, if you watched the movies well, you would remember Hagrid getting expelled from Hogwarts when Tom Riddle framed him accused of opening the Chambers of Secrets. Meaning he never learned many charms and spells.

Another reason why Rubeus Hagrid shouldn’t dare performing magic tricks is – when the ministry banned him from performing magic, they also snapped his wand. Meaning his magic-wand is broken, making conditions worse.


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Hagrid was the first person to reveal magic to Harry, and while they first met, Hagrid helped Harry to get all the necessary things he would need to survive Hogwarts.

However, Hagrid totally forgot to mention the young kid how to get to Hogwarts all by himself. Hagrid hands Harry his train ticket and vanishes in the thin air, expecting Harry would know how to reach the train-platform that technically doesn’t exist unless you’re aware of it.

Though this isn’t the only worst thing Hagrid did for Harry, and now, as we’ve endured this long journey, it’s time you to decide what’s the worst thing YOU THINK Rubeus Hagrid ever did to Harry? Let us know in the comment section below!

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