A Clip Of Two Cats Having A ‘Romantic Conversation’ Is Going Viral And I Must Say, They Both Look Adorable!

Prepare to smile so deep that your cheeks hurt – this clip of two kitties having a ‘romantic conversation’ is making the rounds of the internet, in which they purr-meow back and forth to each other is so damn cute! You’ll probably respond “AWWWW” out loud exclusively involuntarily. Seeing these cats laying down side by side and taking turns tweeting at each other – is a complete DANG-CUTE-MOMENT!

The viral clip, captioned as, “romantic conversation between a couple” was posted on r/aww by user ravage_t – where it has accumulated over 78K upvotes in a very little time, plus the clip is making rounds of the internet and people are not missing to see this sweet video where the little kitties are seriously so adorable that we can’t stop smiling.

And we did some digging and found that both of these cats are lovely girls named Mossy and Stina – and they kept talking like this for literally one hour!

Apparently, the original video of this trendy-adorable-clip was uploaded on YouTube back in 2007 -when both the kitties were approximately 10-years old. And as of today, their owner updated that both of them are still healthy and vigorous. Noice.

So, I am not so sure that if they’re actually having a romantic conversation, but I know it’s pretty dang precious. And the ending? I melted, that’s everything I have to say!


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