So This Man Gets Reunited With His 19-Year-Old Cat, And I Don’t Guess There Is Any Better News You Should Read!

Quick question: What is a miracle to you? Is it something that happens shockingly – kind of surprise (or bewilderment). Or a miracle is after hope-end thing – when your wishes come true after you had lost hope. Because for me, both are the same thing (a miracle) – when you’re on the edge of losing everything (even faith), and something miraculous happens surprising you fully. Take Robert for an example – the man who met his 19-year-old cat, aka Chebon, after seven long years.

Yeah, losing someone is distressful, but reuniting (after putting a lot of effort or no efforts at all) is the real blessing. It’s the gift you cannot put a price on, and if anything you can embed is: tears of joy. And Robert had the same expression on his face! It was an ‘awe-time’ seeing Robert reuniting with Chebon, his beloved feline!

Look At Robert And Chebon, Reuniting After Seven Long Years. I Bet Chebon Is As Intense And Emotional As Robert!

Source: Facebook

After searching his lost cat, Chebon, for several years, Robert had come at peace with the thought that he will never see his buddy again until he received a breathtaking call. Supposedly, a kind stranger found out the cat (and miraculously) they even found out whom this cat belonged to, and it said, “Your cat is safe and sound.” Listening to this over a phone, Robert couldn’t control his emotions going through tremendous heartbreak and broke into tears.

Source: Facebook

This adorable feline went missing several years ago, right before Robert was planning to move to Ohio. After losing the cat, the devastated owner ditched his plan of moving and stayed in California for an entire year searching his missing cat, “I remember at one point I was praying, and I said, ‘God, I will do anything, only bring my Chebon back.” Robert said in the video posted on Facebook. But to no avail, seven years had passed, and he was finally moving on.

But seven years later, a woman found a cat who looked ill. So, the woman caught the cat and brought it to a vet. Luckily (or as the God plans), the cat had a microchip, and in an instant, they knew who the owner of this 19-year-old cat was! And that’s when Robert received the call saying that his cat was alive and well.

Source: Facebook

Seeing His Old Pal, Robert Burst Into Tears And Hugged His Buddy. It Seemed He Was Suggesting He Will Never Let Chebon Slip From His Heart Anymore!

Source: Facebook


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