‘Friends’ Crew Officially In Final Negotiations To Star For Reunion Special

Woo! 2020 is beginning to push real paradise upon us – and before we get too high, are you ready for a brand new swing – because the Friends reunion special is here and the moment is right, for hopping with your friends!

Obviously, the reunion special is very much exciting for the Friends community – heck – it’s exciting for all!

Anyway, except the Anti-Friends class, but we don’t get along with them, correct?

For months, there had been speculations about the Friends reunion!


Every person was asking the Friends cast about the paradisiacal moment, and the answers would always range from: “Yeah, who knows, maybe!” to outright nos. 

And we had lost hopes for a Friends reunion!  

But it seems one woman has been effective to pull the cast all together:


And I can tell her name with my eyes closed – because no woman could do it – but – Ellen DeGeneres – she ultimately managed to bring the cast together for a one-hour reunion special.

Actually, it’s going to be like an interview-style but who knows, maybe they’ll play poker or do sketch!

And keep in mind lords and queens that none of this is set in stone!


For now, everything is just a rumor running through the grapevine.

Another scandal that has been going around is that the cast was incipiently offered $1 million each to do a reunion.

However, they turned it down!


The offer for this reunion varies at about $2.25 million each, but again, these are all just lies.

Anywho, get your hopes up, and make sure they have enough room to fall and survive – only if you get the metaphor correct!

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