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ABC Reporter Goes Viral For Going On Air Wearing Only A Suit Coat And No Pants, Not Realizing The Audience Could See His Thighs!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, most of us have already lost count of the days we’ve been in quarantine, working at home in pajamas and forgetting how it feels to all suit up for the office to have a real human interaction. However, if you’re a journalist, going on air from to talk about critical issues, you might want to check on your outfit before addressing the audience, but ABC News reporter Will Reeve didn’t.

On Tuesday, reporter Reeve appeared on GMA for a segment about pharmacies using drones to deliver prescriptions to patients. And while everything was running perfect, at one point, the camera was framed in a way that made it pretty clear that he was dressed in a suit jacket ~ with no pants. The hilarious part is that he was blithely unaware of the fact that his thighs were showing.

Unsurprisingly, folks noticed it and turned to Twitter to call him out.

Watch the clip when Reeve gets caught here:

People started making fun of the mishap:

Twitter | @grahamorama
Twitter | @frankthecorg

As the story went trending, the reporter acknowledged the disaster:

Twitter | @ReeveWill

Reeve also gave a detailed explanation of why it happened in the first place:

Twitter | @ReeveWill
Twitter | @ReeveWill

Thus, he became a quarantined-working-hero:

Twitter | @tyranoSARAusrex
Twitter | @frostedevents
Twitter | @andylassner

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