This Woman’s Hack Of Editing People’s Exes Out Of The Pics Is An Excellent Way To Start Planning For The Valentine!

So, do you have an adorable picture of yourself from a trip that you would love to flaunt about, but it’s in the recycle bin for it’s ruined by an imminent, contrary presence with an arm clutching your waist? If so, the royal community of Twitter has got your issue solved, with one lady offering to remove your ex (or exes) out of pictures for a price.

Well, this smart businesswoman originally posted the service for $10, but her tweet went viral, and within a few days, orders were so long that she had to bump her prices up to $15 (but this is how you scale up, don’t you?). 

Meet This Twitter User Who Works Her Magic To Remove Your Ex (Or Exes) Out Of The Photos:


With more than 152K likes and 19K comments, the Twitter user (@hexappeal), is making sure that people don’t have to dumb their flawless pics along with their exes – when she is there to remove them.

And people in the retweets are praising her for working her magic, which she says she does on her phone, taking that body they’d sooner forget out of the picture and devising the illusion that they’re assuredly posing solo at the seaside or in a photo booth.

People are impressed with her work, and whole ready for valentine!


Others have risen up to show off their talents as well:


But people adored the first pic’s edit:


Others detected something she missed:


In the end, she got so many offers; she just had to increase her prices!


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