Super Rare Dwarf Kingfisher Found And Photographed For The Very First Time In 130 Years!


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OK, in-between so many events happening in light of the ongoing pandemic, it’s a relief that there’s still some good news to bring you a little peace of mind.

For the very first time in 130 years, scientists have spotted and photographed a super rare bird species known as the South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher.

Native to the Philippines, the bird was first listed in 1890 during an expedition to the country.

This rare bird, Dwarf Kingfisher, has been playing a solid game of hide-and-seek with scientists for over 130 years, so, it’s big-time capturing it in photographs.

Due to its eccentric behavior, the bird succeeded to elude explorers and nature photographers for over 130 years, but it has finally been captured on camera. I mean, this will be the first time the world will ever see visual proofs of the bird.

OH, a fact: There are 87 different species of kingfisher in the world.

Thanks to its beautiful blend of colors, no doubt, the bird has been staying busy preserving its beauty and modern art!

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This brightly colored bird is the smallest species of family kingfishers, and while it may appear small, it’s quite quick and fast.

Also, this tiny bird is characterized by its stunning colored feathers ~ embraced in a beautiful mirage of metallic lilac, orange, and bright blue spots.

OH, a fact: Female kingfishers are more colorful than males.

This splendidly colored little bird was shot by Dr. Miguel David De Leon, and we are so grateful!

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Sadly, the species is currently threatened by extinction.

Dr. Miguel David De Leon and his team have devoted their careers to studying and documenting the bird to ensure the conservation of the species.

In short, it concludes ~ what makes these photographs more magical!

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