Dog’s Adorable Beard Earn’s Him The Pet Name ‘Chewbacca’

Well, mostly every dog is adorable, and their owners definitely get to hear the odd comments like ‘Aw, how cute!’ while they take them on a walk. Anyway, to get some extra pampering and love, a doggo has to be exceptional – so extraordinary that people start comparing it with some famous movie character. Just like this doggo, Nuts, who is highly trending on the internet for his beard, and people have started linking him with Star Wars character – Chewbacca!

Meet This Puppy, Nuts, Who Is Taken The Stage For His Cutesy Beard!

Instagram | @petite.griffon.nuts

Nuts humans probably need to plan for every walk they take with him – I mean, of course, everyone who sees that beard needs to stop and admire it.

Just look at it! Hipster boys everywhere are green with envy.

For The Report, Nuts is a Brussels Griffon:

Instagram | @petite.griffon.nuts

Though this breed is known to have delicate facial hair, Nuts is exceptional even among his own kind.

Of Course, The Internet Didn’t Miss From Giving This Doggo An Obvious Nickname – Chewbacca:

Instagram | @petite.griffon.nuts

Gee, I see it, and that’s pretty incredible!

And if you also like Nuts’ unique look, follow him on Instagram.

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