Pug’s MRI Scan Is Weird, Odd, And A Sad Reminder Of Damaging Breeding!

Although I am firm with my opinion that all dogs are amazing and unique in their ways, I also know that a few doggo breeds are considered fan favorites, and pugs are undoubtedly a tough contender. Because we all agree how a doggo lover is so obsessed with these pint-sized, googly-eyed pugs, and why not? They have become the go-to-breed for anyone who is looking to invite a doggo into their home, mainly because they are so darn cute and sweet. But after seeing this nightmare-inducing pug’s MRI scan, I think their cuteness is rigidly superficial because yikes!

Last year, comedian Andy Richter tweeted a pug’s MRI scan, and utterly it got the internet fame!

Andy Richter shared an MRI scan of his friend’s pug that quickly went viral, racking up over 132K likes and nearly 17K retweets.

The pug’s swelling eyes and reptilian face was enough to startle the world of the internet, who definitely wasn’t expecting to see this side of a pug in their lifetime.

For the large part, people seemed amused, if not slightly scared, by the blunt scan!


“ET is sick I think,” one cheesy tweeter quipped, and some maintained that the pug’s MRI scan is still cute despite its built-in monochromatic creepiness, as this user tweeted, “He’s even cute in an x-ray,”

As odd as it is, animal experts say this pug’s MRI scan is a sad reminder of the damaging effects of human breeding:

A UK-based veterinarian, Dr. Rory Cowlam, commented that: what we see in this trending photo is a concerning look inside the body of an animal that we (humans) have selectively bred for years to create the “cutest” pug possible.

Dr. Rory Cowlam said, “But, unfortunately, that cute look is not very good for the animal.”

And yes, the MRI scan shows that these flat-nosed, googly-wide-eyed dogs have been unnaturally bred to the point of having severe health problems:

Source: Social Media

Dr. Rory Cowlam further explained their “weird-looking” appearance is due to a condition called “brachycephalism,” which can also be found in other similar breeds like French Bulldogs and Shi Tzus.

Brachycephalic dogs undergo an ample range of medical conditions as a result of their altered anatomy, including spinal problems and difficulty in breathing.

Source: Social Media

Lastly, Dr. Cowlam cautioned people from going to breeders to adopt a pug or any brachycephalic dog and sustained those adamant on having a pug to do authentic research into the breeding.

“But,” Doctor said, “There are lots of irresponsible breeders out there looking for a quick buck.”

And for anyone concerned about the specific pug in Richter’s tweet, he later tweeted an update to calm any chills!

Richter assured the dog’s fans that this particular pug “has a clean bill of health” and even shared a snap of the doggo who was enjoying the afternoon heat and looking baffled about its newfound viral stardom!

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