People Are Sharing Amusing Tweets In Response To The Pope Francis Slapping Incident!

The Pope Francis slapping incident where he slapped a woman’s hand on New Year’s Eve has inspired samples of responses across the internet, from people finding the dispute everything from amusing to extremely offensive!

The Pope Francis Slapping Incident Occurred On New Year’s Eve:

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If you were anyplace near a television or the internet over the holiday period, then favors are you might have got a glimpse of the avidly embarrassing clip which showed Pope Francis patting a woman on the hand.

Pope Francis Was On His Way To See The Nativity Scene At The Middle Of Vatican City:

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After greeting hundreds of children and other people crowded to see the Holy Father, Pope Francis has his hand grabbed by a woman in the crowd who can be seen crossing the limits and reaching out for him.

As The Woman Grabs Pope Francis’s Hand, HE Yells And Hits Her Hand With Aggression:

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While Pope Francis’s security guards do zilch to ease the situation, after being hit on the hand, the lady lets go of the Pope, all while looking a bit forsaken. It is unknown what the woman was trying to speak to HIM at this time.

But, As The Holy Father Walks Away, HE Looks Quite Upset For What He Just Did!

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Though the Pope seems furiously disturbed by the encounter, the internet has had a wide variety of replies as the video went viral!

OH, And FYI, Pope Francis Did Issue An Apology On New Years Day, Doesn’t Appear To Be Glad About It!

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The Holy Father addressed to punish violence against women and said, “Love makes us patient. So many times, we lose patience, even me, and I apologize for yesterday’s bad example“. The Pope also added, “Every form of violence inflicted upon a woman is a blasphemy against God, who was born of a woman.

But Internet Is No GOD, And Obviously, Twitter Being An Atheist, Couldn’t Forgive The Pope Francis Slapping Incident:

There were many people across the internet and the media who criticized the Pope for being so repulsive, and they termed him to resign.

And As Fierce As Slapping A Woman’s Hand Won’t Disguise Pope’s Supporter From Defending Him:

But A Large Portion Of Twitter Couldn’t Help But Let The Pope Francis Slapping Event Entertain Themselves, As They Kept Sharing These Hilarious Tweets:

And Some Tweeters Remembered The Luke (8:43-48):

And Before Dawn, The Video Had Been Sliced Together With Trending Memes:

And, As Usual, Amongst The Tweeter Fray, There Was This Qualm Person:

Either Way, We Got The Pope Francis Slapping Event Album!

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