A Local Woodworker Gifted A Decorated Patriotic Doghouse To A Police Dog!

Police dogs do a significant job for wiping out the crime – they sniff out theft, assist in finding missing people, chase perps, and additionally support their human coworkers. In a nutshell, a police dog plays a vital role in the police-bureau. But, since they’re dogs, they don’t get paid in money for their hard works; however, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be appreciated…or rewarded!

So at 4-year-old, this K9 Jada of the Hackettstown, NJ Police Department, has a bright career ahead of her:

Source: Facebook

Meet Jada, a 4-year-old police dog whose profession is rolling golden toward the future. Also, Jada’s partner is Patrolman Christopher Laver, a military veteran who served in Al Asad, Iraq, in the year 2005-06.

And Yes, When The Kind Woodworker, Lou DiBella, thought of making a dog house to donate to a working police dog with a veteran partner, Jada was a perfect fit!

Source: Facebook

As stated in the Hackettstown Police Department’s post, “Lou’s inspiration for this project came to mind when President Trump honored K9 Conan, the military dog injured in the Baghdadi raid.”

OK, so we know the great cause of why Jada is being rewarded, but I must tell, she deserves more, and it’s so kind of Lou for doing what he can!

It Took Lou DiBella About 45 Long Hours Of Hard Work To Build And Customize The Stars-And-Stripes Dog House!

Source: Facebook

Lou’s hard work paid off because Jada, as well as Laver, loved it and commented, “Receiving this dog house for K-9 Jada, solidifies the hard work and dedication to this line of work. It is a direct representation of all those in the K-9 field.”

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