Ten Images That Prove How Dull Some People Actually Are!

Yes, the internet is full of people who need to step back, re-assess, and for the love of humanity – need to educate themselves. Or perhaps they could stop dishing out their dull thoughts out loud without making a fool of them. Anyway, you and I both know that’s not happening, and now and then, someone will stop by the social networks to fart (senseless thoughts) that works like the laughing gas for us. So yeah, I was wrong – we (for some obvious reasons) need fools among us!

The Viral Candy has compelled the best images on the internet to prove how dull some humans actually are – and they have no hard feelings about it! So, keep scrolling down with no shame to split your sides for satisfying your hungry laughter. Also, share the best ones you like with your amigos and show them our world still has some fool’s gold.

#1. On Pregnancy:

Twitter: @97vercetti


Twitter: @meme_zar

#3. On finding books:

Source: Reddit

#4. Oh…life-choices!


#5. On mother:


#6. This review on Korean BBQ:

Source: Reddit

#7. On NASA:

Source: Reddit

#8. On explanations:

Source: Imgur

#9. On weapons:

Source: Reddit

#10. A dull take on Russia:

Source: Reddit

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