Ten Plus People Who Don’t Want To Get Along With Their Boss, But I Adore Their Attitude!

We’re here to share a laugh on employees roasting their bosses and patrons – and sadly, we will also witness some of those employees getting fired! Here I present you with ten people who don’t want to get along with their boss:


#1. This boss who wouldn’t give their employee a single day off:

Twitter | @cottoncandaddy
Twitter | @cottoncandaddy

#2. This boss freaked out for the stupidest reason:

Twitter | @echoechoR

#3. This girl’s boss printed her tweets about clients and then got dismissed:

Twitter | @kayleighmcgheek

#4. This boss is clearly in for an unwieldy workday with their employee after weirdly urging them to get drinks – *reminds me of Horrible Bosses*

Twitter | @jadewainw25

#5. This man used his boss’s clap-back against them:

Twitter | @KnownAsWill

#6. This girl tried to make up a joke…

Twitter | @caitieekk

…but her boss didn’t approve!

Twitter | @caitieekk

#7. And so this boss did the unimaginable to their employee’s chicken:

Twitter | @RyanLostinTX

#8. This desperate employee who went for a hug:

Twitter | @yaboyjarjar68

#9. This girl craved for the perks of having the same job as her best friend:

But her boss didn’t approve!

Twitter | @delilah810

#10. This swagger responded to his boss’s rude email with this – he definitely doesn’t want to get along with his boss:

Twitter | @TN_GA_Bromo

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