15+ Times People Left The Crowd Very Questionable!

Well, the internet loves to reveal in people’s ridiculous regrets, and people cherish to crack a laugh on their nonsense plus share them on various social networks – it does seem like the perfect relationship, correct? So, to amuse and distract you from your own ridiculous mistakes, here are 15+ times people left the crowd very questionable!

#1. As seen in a grocery-store In Quebec:

Reddit | jetster735180

#2. You should always be careful when going to supermarkets, especially with the COVID-19 right now.

Reddit | Squonk3

#3. “Corona Virus Becomes Human”

Reddit | djcubedmofo

#4. “This guy didn’t have a mask, so he came to the orthopedist as a polar bear.”

Reddit | staceyjg314

#5. Plague hero with garlic is here:

Reddit | ChillyStrawberry

#6. “Mask shortage improvisation:”

Reddit | purplemonster44

#7. “This woman who came into our restaurant said this is the only protective mask she could find.”

Reddit | FroggyMcTerrison

#8. “Shopping for the plague.”

Imgur | DonSimon1976

#9. OK, I get the fear of coronavirus, but what the hell is that?

Via Reddit

#10. “Remember, it has to be with wings.”

Reddit | Maniso

#11. “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome”

Imgur | LollipopFromHell

#12. Meanwhile, in Georgia – “Mysterio has been seen in Tbilisi metro fighting COVID-19.”

Imgur | 1NFail

#13. COVID-19 drip:

Reddit | o0gader0o

#14. Somewhere on planet EARTH:

Via Reddit

#15. “Protection in Russia.”

Reddit | qevoh

#16. NEXT!

Via Social Media

#18. Italians way of dealing with the shortage of face mask:

Via Social Media

#18. “What in the Missy Elliot, I can’t stand the rain is going on here?”

Twitter | stonecold2050

#19. “A stranger took a picture of me wearing the proper PPE for a trip to Walmart for just the essentials. It made the rounds on Facebook before one of my friends sent it to me.”

Reddit | Sweetbadger

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