Here’s The Proof Why You Should Be Obsessed With The Chubbiest Cat – Cinderblock, And Trust Me, Her Cuteness Is Worth It!

We need a daily dose of celebrating our comfort, and (majorly) it comes from another person’s behavior (that’s weird). Anyway, we may have totally crossed the lines of pride this time by chuckling over the chubbiest cat, Cinderblock, aka Cinder’s exercising video that went viral to make her a celebrity.

Yes, with awfulness going on in the world, we’re looking for some light of hope, anything that isn’t colored by anger or politics. And which is why we’re obsessed with the chunky cat by the name of Cinderblock.

Cinderblock went viral after a video of her being utterly unenthusiastic about a water-treadmill was shared. Look at her – she’s being so unnatural about exercising:

Well, this video was shared by Northshore Veterinary Hospital in Bellingham, Washington. But before that, Cinder had an owner who was a 93-years-old man who passed away earlier this year:

Credit: Social Media

After his death, Cinder stayed with an aunt who tried to begin the process of Cinder’s weight loss. When she realized that it was a more serious task than she could solve on her own, she relinquished Cinder to the experts at the Northshore Veterinary Hospital.

And it seems the hospital is up to control Cinder’s weight and on recent updates, the vet uploaded an update of Cinderblock’s progress, including a video of her walking — reluctantly — on treadmill on all fours.

Cinder’s journey is only just beginning, but as more and more people find out about it, her fan-following will grow.

Some talked about how emotionally invested they were in Cinder’s journey and cheered her on:

The Hospital has continued posting videos of Cinderblock on their social account. In one video, the caption explains that doctors are prompting her to move around by “scattering the kibble.”

The Viral Candy wishes good health for Cinder, and you can follow Cinderblock’s weight loss journey on the Northshore Veterinary Hospital Instagram account.

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