Patsy The Dog Saves Flock Of Sheep From Australia’s Inflamed Bush-Fires!

While inflamed bush-fires still raging in Australia, over half a billion animals have died there since August. However, nations are coming together; communities are going one; people are joining to fight the flames, and complete strangers across the planet are donating what they can to support the burning continent, and what’s more? Some animals are turning out to be real-life savers as they’re rescuing their fellow animals. And though you may be hearing about hundreds of heroic people saving the animals in need, it’s time you meet this valorous doggo, Patsy.

Meet Patsy, A 6-Year-Old Border Collie-Kelpie Cross. Recently, She Saved A Flock Of Sheep From Rushing Fire!

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In This Pic, You Can Easily See The Hot Australian Fires Raging Toward The Doggo’s Owner’s Farm:

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Standing brave and courageous, Patsy rounded up the sheep and brought them to a safe barnyard on her owner’s farm in Corryong, Victoria. Meanwhile, her owner was busy dousing out the fire heading down her land with a tractor, equipped with a tank of water. The duo managed to save almost all the sheep from the flares, plus they protected their entire livelihood (their farmhouses, the hay, the shearing shed, as well as the silage).

And Look At The Flock Of Sheep Our Heroic Patsy Have Saved!

Patsy’s owner’s sister Cath Hill posted pics of Corryong saying the situation there is “like Armageddon.” And the projections by the experts suggest that the condition will get even worse, “Everyone is just trying to get water and feed to their animals, shoot the ones that can’t be saved, get temporary fences up to keep stock secure, and put out all the logs and stumps still burning. And some people have nothing left but the clothes on their backs.” Cath Hill’s terrifying statements.

And Hey, Look At This Video Of Patsy That Her Owner’s Sister Took Of Her:

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